What if you had the power to change the events

of your past?

dive into the unknown

JOHN BENSON is a reckless and bold extrovert and owner of a successful .com company. He enjoy’s life with his sporty, competitive wife GRACE, an attorney, but both are frustrated by Grace’s infertility. In his free time, John dabbles in past life regression through hypnosis.

After winning a military contract, John is asked to build a sensory deprivation chamber. A chamber used to boost mental awareness. After deciding to use the tank to heighten his regression hypnosis, things begin to go horribly wrong and John unexpectedly changes an event in his past life that not only changes his present life, but puts millions of other lives at risk.

Along with his wife, his partner Jeff and others, they begin changing events in their past lives, altering the present.

And now,
no matter what they do,

they cannot get their timeline and
their present lives back to normal.

The Past Life Portal book cover

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